Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Featured Event {a stylish lounge for P&G}

Beauty is where you find it. Recently, {JJ WED} was asked to create a fun and ultra stylish makeover lounge for the one and only Procter & Gamble (more commonly known as P&G) as part of the LPGA Pairings Party in Northwest Arkansas.

Inspired by P&G's Shine Blast Lip Gloss and Lash Blast Mascara by Cover Girl, we designed a concept with a fresh color palette and spa-like ambiance that would be sure to beckon guests in to receive complimentary makeovers.

the CONCEPT {This simple concept board ensured that we stayed true to our vision throughout the process; it also allowed us to show our wonderful clients the basic idea.}

the RESULT {Staying true to our concept and vision, we created lush floral arrangements in fresh, vibrant colors and a space plan that was cozy, stylish, and bursting with the spa-like quality of organic freshness. The beautiful photographic details you'll see below is MUCH thanks to the ultra amazing, brilliantly talented artists of Aus10 Photography.}

 The mini makeover stations were housed in draped tents with moss covered walls,
wooden accents, splashes of modern flair, and large potted topiaries that
continued the zen-like concept.

 the FLOWERS {Hydrangeas were air-brushed shades of pink and added a lush backdrop to the bold orange lilies and lipstick pink mini callas. Twisting manzanita branches and polished river rocks were added to accentuate the hip, organic vibe.}
With the right tools and our creative team on board, we created a sweet and sophisticated space that was nothing short of being easy, breezy, and completely Cover Girl. Thanks P&G for allowing {JJ WED} to transform the drab convention space into a living, breathing place.

Thanks to our dear friends at IO Metro of Rogers, Arkansas for allowing us to snag a few awesome furniture pieces and accessories to complete the transformation! To learn more about the fab pieces used and how to order your own, make sure and check out the IO Metro Blog; our design was showcased on their blog along with information on the specific pieces used!

Much thanks to our friends, Matt and Meghan, of Aus10 Photography for once again capturing our designs in brilliant detail! Make sure and read all about them and their extraordinary talents on their website. {And for Pete's sake, find an excuse to hire them, they are brilliant artists!}

And, of course, thank you for stopping by to say hello! Keep checking back for more {JJ WED} designs and fun DIY projects for the at-home party planner. Meanwhile, become a friend on Facebook! We'd be honored! :)


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