Wednesday, June 29, 2011

A DIY Fourth of July

Baby, you're a firework, come on let your colors burst...

Ok, you've caught us red, white, and blue-handed, but we're finding Katy Perry's Firework is a catchy tune, especially with America's INDEPENDENCE DAY...((cue fireworks display and patriotic marching tunes in 3...2...1..)) ...waving its flag just right around the corner!

Whether you bebop to Perry or crank your speakers to the powerful orchestrations of Stars and Stripes Forever, we've gathered some of our very favorite patriotic inspirations and party tidbits in which everyone can indulge this fun and festive holiday. From simple BBQ eats, sweet summery treats, and a handful of DIY designs, we're giving you the tools to create the best Fourth of July party this side of the Potomac!

main eats. This 4th of July, we're going totally backyard BBQ style with a casual menu of good eats that even the kids will enjoy.

1.) Red Hot, White, + Blue wings. Red currant jelly and red curry paste lend a touch of sweet heat to an all-American classic, served with the traditional blue cheese dip. Get the spicy recipe here!
2.)  Uncle Sam-Burgers would make the perfect meal for your backyard BBQ!
3.) Made with red, white, and blue spuds, this potato salad is as American as apple pie; check out the recipe. Blue potatoes (also called purple potatoes) have a texture similar to that of russet potatoes, but a nuttier flavor; they can be found in most supermarkets or in specialty produce stores.

befores and afters. Serve up festive appetizers before the main event and finish the meal off with one of these sweet and oh-so-patriotic treats.

1.)  Turn tortillas  and cheese into a stellar snack before dinner with this easy recipe.
2.)   Red, white, and blue tortilla nachos would be a delicious treat!
3.)  Revolutionary strawberries covered in white chocolate and blue sugar crystals. Go here for the recipe.
4.)  Red, white, and blueberry kabobs are a quick, but lovely treat for a summer day.
5.)  Oh my stars, how cute are these watermelon stars!
6.)  Few people make cheesecake, because it has a reputation for being difficult to bake. The truth is, this crowd-pleaser is easy to prepare. The raspberry sauce and blueberries provide just the right fruity tartness -- and a festive look.
7.)  Serving this traditional English dessert in a glass pedestal bowl shows off its impressive layers of ladyfingers, pudding, and colorful fruits.
8.)  Serve ice cream in fun, creative ways, such as these adorable glass jars! So vintage.  So chic!

decor. Create a sleek and festive look for your 4th of July party that screams Americana. Check out our inspirations below and create your own designs that illustrate your individual style and party planning needs!
1.)  Get playful with textures and colors when creating table settings. This sweet setting has a slight vintage feel that you can re-create at home. Thanks to P is for Party for sharing.
2.)  DIY time! Make your own Fourth of July confetti popper rockets that guests (young and old) will love! Directions found here.
3.)  Sparkling favors! Instantly turn sparklers into placeholders or party favors with ribbon and paper tags.
4.)   Display silverware (or even plastic-ware) for your casual BBQ party in a fun and festive way, like this.
5.)   Use fruit, like strawberries, to dress up vintage mason jars. Serve it up with fresh lemonade or sweet tea! What a refreshing idea!
6.)  For a summery escape, place a basket of red cherries at each setting and use bold wildflowers as a natural, summer-chic centerpiece!
7.)  DIY! Old denim and fabric scraps can come together in a wonderful, vintage-inspired banner! Learn how to make your own here.
8.)  Add a little romance to your Independence Day with a red, white and blue picnic. For a true designer look, introduce a mixture of patterns and textures through floor pillows, toss pillows and blankets. To delineate a portion of your picnic area as a serving space, layer a contrasting bath mat or small area rug in the center, then utilize the surrounding space for lounging. More information here.
9.)  Setup a cute candy station with red, white, and blue treats for your guests to enjoy.
10.)  Another DIY idea just for you! Don't you just love these sparkler holders, matchbox covers, and straw tags! Get your free template here and begin the festive fun!

We hope you are inspired by these fun and festive DIY tips and tidbits. Whether your Fourth of July party was a simple + laid back affair or a grand event fit for a modern day George Washington, we'd love to hear from you. Send us your party pics and DIY success stories; we'd love to share them with our designers and creative readers! Thanks and Happy 4th!


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