meet our team

What  is {JJ WED}?
{JJ WED} specializes in the art of descriptive, colorful storytelling.
Junkerman Jones, Wedding & Event Design is one of the freshest pop-up books in the event industry’s library of boring, dusty novels. Achoo!
The talented artists at {JJ WED} enjoy being the collaborative co-authors and illustrators of our clients’ customized story throughout the design process, from first page to last. From inspirational concepts and space planning to grandiose floral creations, lighting design and detailed event styling, we dream up a unique storyline for each event creating vivid temporary sets that will have your guests talking for months long after.

Who  is the typical {JJ WED} client?
Well, no one is considered a typical client at {JJ WED}. That’s because each special event is custom tailored to suit the needs and wishes of each very different person or organization with which we have the pleasure of working. That’s another reason why our team continues to please…you’ll never see a run-of-the mill floral design or pre-packaged design solution on our watch. Whether you’re a bride who’s been planning since 3rd grade or a social director that’s unsure where to begin, we will help you translate and sort through your ideas, developing them into effective design solutions that wholly reflect your individualism or source of inspiration, whether that be a doodle on a wrinkled napkin, corporate logo, or a buckle on a shoe.

How   does {JJ WED} determine rates?
Because each detailed event is completely customized to each client we serve, we don’t believe in pre-packaged designs or pre-packaged rates. Pre-packaged rates and pre-packaged designs would make us inflexible and useless in our job as your “designers”.
However, we can promise that you won’t have to sell us your first born in order to get our full attention. Kidding aside, call us for a fun and free consultation; we’d absolutely love to sit down and create a solution that fits your style and budget needs.  

Meet our team,

                 Photo above by Benfield Photography

                  Photo above by Benfield Photography