Friday, February 04, 2011

DIY PARTY TIPS {superbowl sunday}

Are you ready for some football? Well, whether you're the hardcore, foam-finger wearin' football fanatic or the clueless observer confusing the meanings of a touchdown and a toe-touch, the Superbowl (or any big time game) is the perfect excuse to throw a bash. So, throw on your party helmet and get ready to tackle a big game party with our help!

No party is complete without an appetizing spread of good eats! Tailgating and gaming events give us a terrific excuse for indulging in  hearty, good-for-the-soul foods, so make sure your guests have a few choices. We've selected some of our favorite gametime eats; you have the option of cooking up an entire menu from buffalo wings to baked mini corndogs (which guests will love you for), or simply choosing a dip or  two for gametime munching followed by one main course, such as grilled burgers and potato salad.

Don't trap yourself in the kitchen!
Providing a hotdog buffet is a great option for any host. It allows your guests to get creative with their gametime food options, however, it is a low maintenance approach that will ensure that your time is spent watching the game and not standing in the kitchen.  
{Thanks Food Network for these and more delicious "dog" recipes!} 
For an even simpler approach with low maintenance, whip up a big pot of chili with a host of toppings including sour cream, a variety of cheeses, chives, avocado, tortilla chips, and crusty bread. If time allows, make your chili a day or  two in advance and consider making a couple options to give guests variety, such as a bean & beef and a chicken  and/or  vegetarian chili.

Just as guests enjoy a good selection of foods, they also will appreciate a variety of options in drinks as well. Don't leave anyone out: ensure that there are plenty of options that will quench the thirsts of adults and kids alike!
Fill a large galvanized bucket with colorful flavored Jones Sodas in your favorite teams colors, and throw in a few long neck colas and root beers, too!
For the "guys", provide a simple range of Buds (such as Anheuser-Busch's Budweiser or Budvar Budweiser), wheat beers (such as Pyramid's Hefe Weizen), and pale ales (such as Anchor and Flying Dog) which tend to have a bit more flavor and go great with a wide variety of Superbowl  foods. Provide frosted mugs for a personalized touch.

Score a touchdown with a host of sweet treats. Whip up a batch of chocolate chip cookies and/or brownies with team-colored M&Ms! For treats that ooze with gameday spirit, make an assortment of adorable (but manly) football inspired cupcakes like the creations shown above!
Get the recipes for the M&M brownies and GameDay Cupcakes. Delicious!

When considering decor for your gameday event, keep it simple! Once the testosterone levels begin rising with the thrill of the game, no one will care about the carefully arranged roses sitting on the kitchen table. Allow the food presentation, careful stacking of dishes and glassware, and galvanized drink tubs to become part of the decor. Pick up flats of wheatgrass from your local home and garden store and place them in galvanized tins for a simple, yet handsome look. Take it a step further by placing miniature plastic football players and goalposts (available at Kaskey Kids) within the wheatgrass for a fun, light-hearted centerpiece any guest will appreciate!
Another idea: go to your local home store and pick up a piece of AstroTurf (real or faux), using tape or paint and adhesive numbers, create yardlines on a miniature football field that can act as a playful runner for your buffet or drink station. Can't resist the sweet smell of flowers? Go ahead and throw together a simple cluster of yellow roses in a low cylinder vase. Fresh flowers just say "welcome to my home", even the guy with the foam finger will appreciate that.
{Credits to Sew Crafty Meg and "Parties", by InStyle }

We hope you enjoyed this DIY party guide brought to you by Junkerman Jones. Check back soon for more great tips! Until then: live large. dream BIG!


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