Wednesday, February 09, 2011

DIY PARTY TIPS {cupcakes & cocktails}

Valentine's Day. The very phrase, alone, is so romantically swoon-worthy it's pathetic. *sigh* There are so many different ways in which we celebrate. Some of us dive head first into the dreamy, cotton-like clouds of heart-shaped chocolates and warm and fuzzy, glitter-coated cardstock. Others, however, may roll their eyes in painful disgust with each dreadful sighting of a foil-wrapped, chocolate rose or naked cupid figurine.
Whether you're that hopeless, starry-eyed romantic or the strong, independent single, Junkerman Jones has THREE fun party concepts that one and all can enjoy. Most importantly, however, each of them contain TWO main ingredients: CUPCAKES AND COCKTAILS!

We met up with our talented pal, Lacey Carney, at BLISS CUPCAKE CAFE on the Fayetteville, AR square in search of the three most delicious, most Valentine-esque cupcakes her team had on the menu. What's more? Junkerman Jones will be giving away a 1/2 dozen of these heavenly treats to one lucky blog reader! {Read on to learn more...}.

PARTY CONCEPT #1: Love is Sweet; a couples party!

PARTY CONCEPT #2:  Love Bites; A social mixer for singles and the happily independent!

PARTY CONCEPT #3: Table for Two; A romantic night at home...ALONE!

Now that we have your party tastebuds hungry for the arrival of Valentine's Day, check back soon for details on how YOU can win a 1/2 dozen of one of these three featured cupcakes from Bliss Cupcake Cafe to satisfy your February sweet tooth! Will you choose the Cloud Nine, Red Velvet Razorback, or the Chocolate Milkshake cupcake?

The real question is...will you share them?!


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