Friday, January 28, 2011

Love Notes

  Remember the fun, creative days of long ago sitting happily at your little wooden school desk (complete with hardened gum remnants hidden beneath). Time quickly passed as you snipped and chopped away at crisp, bright paper with your colorful, plastic scissors...(tongue hanging out for added concentration). You'd slice and dice papery shapes, adding them to the pile of foil stickers, giant canisters of red glitter, and fun decorative elements that stood waiting to be used. Peeling off the hardened, dried-glue cap of your Elmer's bottle, you'd slather the cardstock with the gooey slime, and like a crazed artist, you'd rush against the clock to piece and adhere the elements together with hopes of a masterpiece.
As the glitter storm and paper confetti settled to the floor, there through the hazy, fluorescent lighting was the most spectacular, handcrafted Valentine ANYONE this side of 1st period had EVER seen.
  Whether that shimmering card read "be mine" and was hand delivered to Sally, Bobby, or the cheery classroom teacher, or spelled out "I love you" and was brought home to make momma smile in exchange for freshly baked Valentine's Day Cookies, the design was created from the heart.
   These days, most of us could only dream of having the time to craft such colorful, layered creations as busy adults. Luckily, however, there are many creative folks that take the busy work out of these homemade cards for you and I to purchase.
This year, if time doesn't allow for handcrafting your own personal creation, forget the generic supermarket card and opt for getting your sweetheart one of these fun, and very special creations!
 A Valentine's Card fit for a king and queen! It uses a host of embellishments including ribbon and netting, gold wire and jewels. But we think its the two charming characters that give this card it's charm.
     This lovely, romantic Valentine's card is very stylishly crafted using a pearlized base stock,
black flocking and red sparkly twine. It is finished with a huge, heart shaped jewel.

Here are some more of our favorites:
This adorable set of Valentine's cards for children
would also make nifty gift tags!
{Alright Razorback fans, this one is for you.}

Thanks to our friends at Meri Meri for sharing their lovely designs!

Stay tuned as Junkerman Jones presents fabulous Valentine's Day party ideas with some delicious, custom treats created just for the occasion from one of our favorite
Fayetteville sweet shops!


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